Innovation Leader

Simon is an award-winning innovation leader with 12 years of experience in the technology industry ranging from startups to big corporations. Notable names include EA, Microsoft, Lego, Bluzelle, and Disney. He mixes design thinking, technology, and business processes to help companies put their users first, create products people want to use and achieve planned ROI. His work has been featured in the Apple App Store, Wired, FastCompany, Mashable, Forbes, and others.  


Design Leader

Stuart is half Danish, half Scottish, was born in London and raised in Holland. Has 12 years of experience creating world-class brands and sold his company in an acquihire deal to IBM. He brings a visual style to solving complex problem spaces, combining design strategy, brand storytelling and creative technologies to create purposeful brands with unique voices. Stuart has worked for companies such as BBH, IBM, and Virgin Unite to build dynamic brand systems.


The Five Agreements

1. We are impeccable with our word. 2. We avoid taking anything personally. 3. We avoid making assumptions. 4. We always do our best. 5. We treat others how we would like to be treated.

User First

We put users first to get everyone on the same page. Zero egos here, just results. We make decisions based on what customers want.


Emotional Intelligence

We are emotionally intelligent. We hire exceptional talent that has both skills and empathy.


Quality, Delivered Fast

Fast, iterative prototyping means no more long meetings, expensive decks or painful deliberation. Just quick solutions to solve your biggest challenges.

Win-Win Situations

There are always 2 or more solutions to every problem. We find the one that creates win-win for everyone.


All On The Same Team

Our output-based fee structure means that, for once, we’re all playing for the same side. By breaking the outdated time-based agency model, the prototype is all that matters to everyone.