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Agency In The Wild

Survival in business requires speed


We exist in the wild, beyond conventions. Here we can solve your business problems at speed, anywhere & with anyone.

We don’t have a fancy HQ, or the overheads that go with it.

We believe that people do their best work when they are wild and free.

In fact, even the way we charge our clients hasn’t been domesticated. Our fees are based solely on our output, not our time, which means we all want the same thing. No over-billing or dragging our feet, just quality delivered fast.

And when we say fast, we mean fast. We go from concept to prototype in one month, a single sprint that delivers a fully crafted prototype born out of world class design, brand and engineering thinking.




Our Services


01 Smart Sprint

Do you want to create a brand or a product that’s validated by your customers and potential partners in one month?

Our Smart Sprint will help you align with your team, create or refine your brand, explore ideas, prototype them and pick the best ones to test with real customers.


  • 2-3 days in-house workshop

  • Team alignment

  • Business model and value proposition canvas

  • Competitors research

  • Ideas discovery

  • User journey

  • Brand Canvas

  • Product prototype

  • Qualitative user test

  • Project plan & strategy

Duration: 1 Month



02 Lean Startup

Do you want to launch a brand or a product that’s continuously validated by your customers and potential partners?

Our Lean Startup process will help you perfect your ideas, evolve your brand, validate assumptions, launch your product into the wild, and iterate it based on customers’ feedback.


  • Project vision & brand refinement

  • Engine of growth & metrics

  • Analytics & success hypotheses

  • Product idea evolution

  • Engineering and architectural frameworks

  • UX & UI design

  • Continuous code delivery

  • Demo product builds

  • Qualitative user test

  • Product launch

  • Business partnerships integration

Duration: On-going based on project needs